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Martin’s Kitchen. The perfect place to be!

As an accomplished cook for many years, my passion for the culinary arts has taken me around the world in terms of cuisines, techniques and restaurants.

My interest was sparked when at weekends I would be helping my mum and her sister. They ran a busy pub and restaurant in Putney. Boy that was hard work. My job to begin with was just veg prep in the back kitchen where I learned not to put my hand in an automatic potato peeler while it was running!

I left school at the tender age of 15 and my first job was a trainee butcher. I loved it. Learning the knife skills, making the sausages, cooking the tongues, making brawn and dealing with game. It was very satisfying jointing a side of beef into the various cuts. It’s enormous!

Unfortunately with the rise of the supermarket giants, like so many others, this lovely traditional butchers shop fell by the wayside.

As I got older my flair and passion for cooking grew and my adventure in food began. A never ending journey of discovery and learning. To me that’s what food is all about and that is what this blog is all about really.

Many times folks have asked for my recipes, so I decided I would make them available to everyone and at the same time create a space for others to share theirs. Should they wish to do so.

Martin’s Kitchen is not about fancy eats, just good food that I love to eat. I hope you will too!

The recipes that I have posted here are favourites of mine. Tried and tested on my friends and proved to be the most popular, some classic traditional with a bit of a twist or developed from scratch by myself.

Over the last few months we have been making our own sausages. Experience gained from working in a butchers has stood me in good stead and now with curing and seasoning ingredients readily available on-line, we have produced some very tasty sausages.

If that is something you might like to get into then send me a message and I’ll include the recipe and methods on here.

Many years ago I spent time learning about Chinese food and ingredients. Moving on to cooking in the restaurant kitchen of my friend and teacher. Not for customers but just to learn some of the many techniques used in that environment. For example, how do they make the chicken so soft? It’s called velveting. I know the technique and here at Martins Kitchen I show you how here so you can do it too.

One of my greatest achievements was discovering how to produce a decent Bangladeshi style restaurant quality curry. I must have tried thousands of times to get it just right. I had all the right ingredients but the method and technique was all wrong but with guidance from my local take-away restaurant I have it pretty close.

It’s a fairly lengthy process making base sauce about 3 hours in all. The base sauce is the large pot of simmering liquid sat on the cooker in every restaurant kitchen. It’s used in almost all their curry’s. I’ll share that here too and guide you how to use it to create delicious curry’s in your own kitchen.

I hope you enjoy using Martin’s Kitchen and perhaps trying some of my recipes.