BBQ time summer approaches

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BBQ time summer approaches.

As soon as I see some sun I know that BBQ time is approaching. I should say at the outset I never use gas I only use charcoal when I BBQ so all my recipes are cooked with live fire. This summer I intend share with you some more of my BBQ recipes and techniques.

I shall be focusing on the use of various woods to impart a light smoke flavour into your food.

Like many folks I like a subtle hint of smoke to enhance flavour. However, I dislike heavy smoke flavours, for example; pork ribs. Too much dry rub and heavy smoke destroys the experience of what makes a good rib.

You do not need a dedicated water smoker such as the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker to achieve a fantastic result. If you have a BBQ with a lid you are set to go. You can still make use of water in a kettle BBQ to create the moist environment necessary for a long slow cook.

Water smoker.                     Kettle BBQ.

Water smokerBBQ time

On the subject of woods to use. I always use chunks instead of chips and I never soak them in water first. I find soaking chunks first seems to almost make the smoke taste acrid on the food. As an aside, chunks of Mesquite, Hickory, Applewood and Oak are readily available online these days if you struggle to find them.

It does not matter how much you spend on a BBQ, yes there are some very expensive examples on the market. An expensive model does not make you a better cook, neither does it BBQ any better.

Having said that I must admit, I have owned numerous BBQ’s over the years and for me there is only one make that I swear by. Weber. The quality is outstanding; spares are readily available online or DIY centres.

The same Weber kettle BBQ has served me very well for more than 10 years. It has been left out in all weathers yet it still cleans up like new, the only item that needed replacing was the grate. I BBQ most of the year so it gets some serious use.

And the great debate goes on.

Should you buy a gas or charcoal BBQ? Sure, gas is easier, for me though, charcoal will always win. In my opinion the flavour is far superior to that of gas.

Whether you opt for a gas or charcoal barbecue is a matter of taste and personal preference.

Grilling food over charcoal has always been the traditional method of barbecuing. If a smokey barbecue flavour is your priority, a charcoal model is your best bet.

Gas barbecues are undeniably quick and convenient, however, food cooked on some lacks that distinctive barbecue taste.

I think I might as well be cooking indoors if I started cooking on gas. Some gas models do have vaporiser bars that help with the flavour. I’m sorry folks for me It’s just not the same as charcoal.

So bring on the summer. It’s BBQ time.

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