Making your own sausages things to consider

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making your own sausages

So you are thinking of making your own sausages.

Well that’s a great idea. I’ve been making them for years. I want to try to convince you have a go.

Let state right now. It is not cheaper making your own sausages but they are better than anything you can buy anywhere.

So why make your own? Simple really, I know what goes into them, I can experiment with different flavours and seasonings. I can control the quality of the pork, I can also control the amount of fat that goes into the recipe.

You can also make them gluten free. All sausages contain some rusk known as pin head rusk. Now you can get gluten free rusk.

The rusk that commercial sausages contain have a lot of it. Used as a filler it brings down the meat content and therefore increases profitability.

Because you can control your ingredients home made sausages do not shrink during cooking, in fact if anything they tend to plump up.

Is it easy I hear you ask. I will answer some of your anticipated questions. Yes it is fairly easy to do, the key is to plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time. Typically a batch of 70 sausages takes around four hours. Having said that, making your own sausages is very satisfying.

Even more so when guests comment on how good they are and ask where you bought them from. When folks ask you for some, and they will, ask them to contribute to the cost. Ingredients cost you money!

What cut of pork should you use? Always pork shoulder and supplement with some pork belly slices, good sausages need fat, without it they will be dry. Just don’t forget to remove the skin and leave as much fat as possible.

Below you will see a 7 kilo whole pork shoulder and then cubed with skin removed. I have added some pork belly slices and it’s ready to be minced. Click the images to enlarge.

pork shoulder cubed pork shoulder

If you are worried about the process of stuffing the sausage skins then don’t be. The dual purpose mincer shown below is very forgiving and you control the speed. Sausage does not fly out at a tremendous speed.

First let’s look at what you will need in terms of equipment.

Mincers. The only major piece of kit you will need. It is worth investing in a decent machine. Yes, they are expensive but in my opinion the cost is justified.

I have had cheaper machines, really they are not up to the job.

My current mincer The Trespade No.8 El Young Electric. Click the image to enlarge.

Trespade No.8 El Young Electric 

This particular machine will set you back £200 new. I have to say though it is worth every penny. Not only does it mince very quickly it will also stuff the sausage skins too everything is supplied to get you going.

Also, the advantage of this type of machine is spares are readily available along with different sizes of cutters allowing you change the texture of the sausage.

A decent mincer is not just for sausages, you can mince any meat. If for example you are making burgers you can select good quality beef, add other ingredients and simply mince it all together.

Cheap mincer. click the image to enlarge.


I had previously used one of these. It did work but really struggled and it is so noisy I couldn’t hear myself think. A machine like this will still set you back £50 – £70. Having said that it did get me started but I soon realised it was not quite man enough.

We tend to make a large batch each time ending up with about 70 sausages each weighing 4oz. Thats a lot of mincing and stuffing so consider a good quality machine.

A very useful item to have when making your own sausages is this. It’s a Gastronorm pan. These are easily available online and cost around £10 for a full size 1/1 which this is. It makes mixing your ingredients together very easy.

Click the image to enlarge.

gastronorm pan

Ingredients etc…

Apart from the actual meat everything you need is readily available online. Ready blended seasonings, pinhead rusk and various different types of casings or skins depending on what you want to make.

My go to place for supplies here in the UK is Weschenfelder, they are online and supply to the public in small quantities or in commercial volumes.

Where can you find recipes? Most suppliers like Weschenfelder have them on their website. These recipes are very good and give enough information to get you started.

Remember they freeze perfectly. I freeze mine in food bags in two’s and fours and place them in a plastic container with a lid, this helps to prevent freezer burn.

Making your own sausages is great fun. If you do decide to have a go I would be very happy to provide any help. You can send me a message here.

Do some research, there are a load of videos on YouTube so you can see the process.

If you have read this far you know you want to have a crack at it. What are you waiting for?

 Click here for my toad in the hole using home made sausages recipe.

Click the image to enlarge. (opens a new window)

Toad in the hole

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