Summers almost over where have I been

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Lamb shoulder mini roasts

Summers almost over.

Where the heck have I been all summer? Well getting married for one!

I’ve also been getting into home brewing and have now set-up a micro-brewery. Made some decent beer too.

But now it’s time to get back in the kitchen and share with you some of the new recipes I’ve been trying out. My Lamb shoulder mini roasts are a real treat, definitely worth a go.

mini lamb shoulder

Came up with a decent recipe for veggie burgers, a right faff about with ingredients, the trick was to get them to a nice texture in the middle rather than bean mush. Got there in the end though. The one thing I would say is, make a large batch and freeze them because there are a ton of ingredients.


The recipe for veggie burgers will be coming soon. I need to make them again and photograph all the steps.

I have a very nice variant for Pan Haggerty. My take on a traditional Northumbrian vegetarian potato dish.  Mine has the addition of red peppers and lots of cheese, spring onion and garlic.

My intention is to focus a bit more on vegetarian dishes and preserves. We are heading into the time of year where the fruits and vegetables will be in abundance in the gardens.

Dare I say it, Christmas is not that far away, so now is a good time to start thinking about chutneys. Oh yes, and of course Christmas pudding and Christmas cake. The month of October is just the perfect time to get them done and nicely matured for the festive season.

Well, I had better get cracking then!

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